Site-Specific Works

A striking perspective on movement in space, Wild Space’s acclaimed site-specific events transform Milwaukee landmarks into “…imagination-stirring, site-specific modern dance performances…”(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel). Wild Space has presented 30 site-specific events at 22 sites over 30 seasons, from the Lynden Sculpture Garden to the industrial heart of the Menomonee Valley, from the Milwaukee Art Museum to the haunting beauty of Turner Ballroom.


October 2015

Wild Space took audiences inside the new Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory Annex for Luminous, where uncontrollable nature, creative daring and the physical poetry of dance came together. In collaboration with Duo d’Entre-Deux saxophonists Tommy Davis and Nick Zoulek, Wild Space dancers moved among the growing shadows and shifting reflections beneath the greenhouse glass vault.

“…Loewen’s eye for unlikely, unforgettable performance spaces combined with the serendipity of a downpour…to create a…striking luminous show."
- Elaine Schmidt, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Brew City Dreams
September 2014

Wild Space revealed the reclaimed beauty of the Schlitz Brewery iin a site-based performance. Featuring guest artists and music by local composer Tim Russell, the century-old Schlitz Park Stock-House was transformed into a surreal meeting of past and present. Brew City Dreams featured new work by Artistic Director Debra Loewen, a music/soundscape by Milwaukee composer Tim Russell and a pre-show talk with photographer Paul Bialas, author of Schlitz Brewing Art.

"...any place is a possibility for one of Wild Space's imagination-stirring, site-specific modern dance performances.” 
- Elaine Schmidt, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Acts of Wilderness
September 2013

Audiences took an adventure with Wild Space in Menomonee Valley’s Three Bridges Park, where rolling hills and winding paths became a dramatic backdrop for dance. An urban wilderness, the 24-acre park joins Layton Boulevard West and Clarke Square neighborhoods with the Menomonee Valley. Inspired by these communities, Wild Space led audiences through scenes of beauty and intrigue revealing Milwaukee’s newest treasure. The performance featured a pre-show talk by Milwaukee historian and author John Gurda.

“For all... Wild Space’s environmental work I’ve seen, Acts of Wilderness struck me as the most inventive and profound.”
Paul Kosidowski, Milwaukee Magazine Culture Club