Brew City Dreams

Schlitz Park Stock-House
235 W. Galena Street
8 PM, September 11-13, 2014

Tickets On Sale August 15

Premium/Pre-show Tickets: $25, includes pre-show talk with photographer Paul Bialas, author of Schlitz Brewing Art

$20 adults/$15 students & seniors

In September, Wild Space will transform the newly renovated Schlitz Park Stock-House into a place of discovery and community gathering, revealing the past, present and future of the historic site. With the city nightscape as a backdrop, audiences will view dance vignettes as they move through upper floors of the Stock-House.  A pre-show talk by photographer Paul Bialas, author of Schlitz Brewing Art, will offer a glimpse into the history and architecture of the Schlitz Brewery.

For more information, call Wild Space at 414/271-0307
or email info@wildspacedance.org

The performance is sponsored in part by grants from the following:

The Gardner Foundation and

Karen Campbell & Kevin Ronnie
Jennifer Goetzinger
Daniel Grego
Anne Hamilton & Fred Geilfuss
Margaret Howland
Allison Kaminsky
Julie Kerksick
Kirsten Mulvey & Bill Finn
Jean Novy
David Paris
Andrea Roschke & John Gaebler
Erica Wulff & Jesse Rawling